The engine is a Sabb diesel,and I have no idea of it's condition. Aquarius' previous caretaker had in his notes to remove the engine for rebuild. I don't know if he knew something, or was just being smart. I know the basics of gasoline engines and understand the difference between those and diesel, but I've never worked on one before. My first step was to contact Bill Miller at Sabb America in Florida and find out a little more. He was a tremendous help, and really believes in the engine. I ordered an engine manual and went from there. It's a model G single cylinder 8-10 hp. Another Nantucket Clipper owner told me that this engine in this boat is underpowered, noisy, smelly, shakes the boat from stem to stern, but tremendously simple and beyond reliable. Since money is a factor, engine options are to keep the Sabb, or retrofit in a Yanmar 15hp that is for sale here inexpensively, but I know needs to be rebuilt. Another factors is Aquarius' charm. She's so unique anyway, I kinda like the eclectic nature of the unusual Sabb. I need to understand the engine and how to take care of it. Simple and reliable are selling words. Sounds like the Sabb is my choice.


The Engine Swap