Sept 11th, 2004

It's one of those days where I'm not really into it all. This is Aquarius' 1st year anniversary in this yard, and I'm seeing the whole project, not the little things. I chased hornets yet again out of the aft lazarette, now there're chasing me around. So welcome to my weekend. Let me think about this logically. I want this boat launched in the spring. well...I wanted it launched a year ago, but next spring is a goal. To get the boat into the water there are 4 things I want accompolished. I want a functional rudder. I want the through-hulls replaced, correctly with backing plates, along with some other below the waterline issues, like random holes plugged, sealed and glassed over. I would like the engine to function. And I'd like a good head start on the bowsprit. My reasoning behind this is she will be functionally manoueverable on her own keel, she won't sink, seeing her floating, even without her rigging will be a huge mental boost to the project, and I've got the foundation in place to start working on the rigging and interior.