Ok, so I threw this page together in 5 minutes, forgive the layout, it was easier than sending huge files for evaluation purposes. The first 2 pics are of the mast head, 2nd 2 pics are of the spreader base, the 4th is the mizzen mast head (kinda scary, ) and last is the main mast base. Does any of this look familiar?


UPDATE:: Nope, none of it was familiar to anyone, and I found out why. I decided to contract with a wonderful rigger in Annpolis that I met at the Boat Show. They came to see Aquarius, took some measurements, and picked up the spars and brought them to their shop in Eastport for rehabbing. At that time we decided to just try and wing a sailplan. In the meantime, OYCOA referred me to Gowen Sailmakers from England who is familiar with the clipper, and was kind enough to e-mail and Royal Mail me a copy of the Nantucket Clipper sailplan. When the rigger saw the sailplan, it was determined that the spars that I had weren't even close to what should be on the boat. The decision was made to have a whole rig constructed.