This is Aquarius' Bowsprit, or what is left of it. It seems that it was teak, but unlike teak has rotted out out from the inside. None of the other owners I've talked with have ever seen anything quite like it. The bolts holding the striker on seemed to be a moisture magnet that turned the 'sprit into powder from the inside out. It just had to be replaced. The measurements on the solid piece of wood are (at maximum, finished size) 80 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 3 1/2 inches thick. Finding a solid piece that could be shaped down was turning into a near impossible task that would have cost as much as the engine, so I decided to laminate. I found very high quality old Burmese teak planks that I'll be using. The planks will be laminated with epoxy, and shaped from there. The stainless bowroller and strikers are still in good shape and will be saved.

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